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                              Undergraduate Student Research and Telescope Development

The Initiative is actively pursuing the vital connection between small telescopes and the training of a new generation of astronomers and instrumentalists. A number of institutions with limited budgets are developing research programs that utilize low cost telescope technology. To date, several dozen undergraduate students at Cuesta College have participated in astronomical research programs resulting in published papers. They utilize both local observatories and remote, robotic observatories to observe a wide range of celestial phenomena including visual double stars, eclipsing binaries, intrinsic variable stars, asteroid rotation rates, and exoplanet transits.

Similarly, a dozen California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) engineering (ME and EE) students have been involved in the design and fabrication of a research grade alt-az telescope, instrument rotator, and low cost, active primary mirror support electronics. These research and engineering students have given presentations at multiple Initiative workshops and conferences, and have coauthored Initiative papers.

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